Presented by: Zachs Family Foundation
Because WE Believe in the Future of Greater Hartford

Endow Hartford 21 is a new matching gift endowment program, initiated by the Zachs Family Foundation and supported by other lead donors who believe in the nonprofit community across Greater Hartford.

The 1:2 match seeks to inspire donors to give generously to support the long-term future of the organizations they love.

Administrative Support from
Build Strength and Stability

As we all navigated the uncertain times and challenges of Covid this past year, annual support from the community was critical to survival for nonprofit organizations. While annual support remains crucial, as it is every year, we simultaneously recognize the need for organizations to build for our future. This is the moment to build for the future. Thanks to the vision and leadership of the Zachs Family Foundation and the other matching donors, we have an opportunity like no other to begin that journey. We hope you will join us.

Why is endowment important?

Organizations need endowments to secure their future. An endowment creates a long-term resource that helps them sustain their missions during periods of revenue fluctuations.

Selected Organizations are Eligible

54 organizations were carefully selected by donors for their strength and importance in the community.

Make Your Endowment Gift

Your gift will be generously matched. For example, a gift of $1,000 will yield a $500 match. Any gift between $250 to $10,000 per participating organization will be matched 1:2 by Endow Hartford 21.

Step Up Now, Help Generations to Come

The match is available between September 1, 2022 and September 30th, 2023 – but its impact will last forever.